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Micro feeders for solids - powder scatters


Gravimetric feeders

Volumetric feeders and powder scatterers

MCPI Fine dosing® products are based on an exclusive principle. They are a reference for accurate feeding of solids, and also for the scattering of fine powders and granules . The design of each equipment is guided by the desire to reduce cleaning operations. From the highly precise micro feeders  to the wide powder scatterers, our equipments are the result of  innovation with unmatched performance.

We are recognized as the experts in accurate feeding and surface coating fields. We have earned the trust of companies around the world solving tough dispensing problems. It's quite likely we can solve your filling and scattering process problems, too.


MCPI Fine dosing feeders are based on an exclusive and patented technology giving uncomparable levels of performance.

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MCPI will be present on the food machinery fair in Rennes, France
MCPI will be present on the food machinery fair in Rennes, France


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