Controlling a flow of powder or solids

Continuous, controlled dosing of a specific quantity of product over a very long time.

MCPI proposes two solutions to achieve regular product flow. The continuous dosing controller with PID regulator is designed for loss-in-weight dosers. The volumetric control doser is controlled by a frequency potentiometer.

These high precision instruments are particularly easy to use and enable continuous and regular weighing from 50g/hr to several kg/minute for powders, granules and other dry products.

Combined with MCPI Fine Dosing systems, these solutions offer very high performance levels.

Controlling a flow of powder or solids

Controlling a flow of powder or solids; Powder dosing

MCPI solutions

Gravimetric control doser – Loss-in-weight

The quantity of product in the doser is weighed continuously. At regular intervals, the mass remaining in the doser is compared with the initial mass.

Weighing scales are built into the doser chassis.

Weighing is continuous and flow is controlled automatically by a PID corrector (enables compensation for density changes or irregularities of the production process).

Controlling a flow of powder or solids; Powder dosing: from 50g/hr to several kgs/minute.

Volumetric control doser

Dosing is controlled by a frequency potentiometer, enabling control of product flow.

The high level of regularity and repeatability of the MCPI extraction system enables a relatively constant flow.

From 50g/hr to several kgs/minute.

MCPI advantages

Regularity and precision
Easy cleaning
Flow control
Compact machine
Optimized management of refilling to guarantee regularity
Adaptability to ingredients
Capacity to produce small flow rates
Clean design lines (built-in motor and sensors)

SPL doser (small R70)

MPL doser (medium R90)

Design characteristics
  • Storage hopper adapted to requirements
  • Dosing channel sized according to flow
  • Doser sized according to the production line
MCPI dosing software
  • Adapted to each project (g/hr – kg/minute – kg/hr)
  • In-house development.
  • Flow management by weighing and automatic regulation
  • Several screen sizes available
  • Data traceability


  • Reliable and robust (no wear parts)
  • Installation safety
  • Customized MMI with MCPI software
  • World exclusive extraction technology
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Preservation of the mixture: no separation
  • Hygienic design
  • Versatility and maximal adaptability



Covers over the entire dosing system
Closed dosing channel
Integration on a table chassis
Suction of fine particles
Remote MMI
Slow agitation in the storage hopper
Integration on mobile chassis
Automatic hopper feed
Customized diffuser
Finish of surfaces in contact with the ingredient
  • 304 L: stainless steel
  • 316 L: stainless steel
  • Adapted to the ingredient: electropolished, mirror polished, Teflon-coated, etc.
Protective hood

Our solutions

Volumetric control doser

Obtain a regular strip section / feed an extruder.

Volumetric control doser

Obtain a regular percentage of salt in continuous butter production, a regular flow.

Volumetric control doser

Feed a pharmaceutical powder mixer

Gravimetric flow control doser

Addition of speculoos powder to ice cream

Volumetric control doser

Printing of a powder base on baking paper.

Volumetric control doser

Supply of a mixer with mochis, with automatic refilling of the storage hopper (overhead belt conveyor)