Fast dosing system

Dosing of large quantities in short times, up to 90 strokes / minute.

MCPI, expert in powder and granule dosing solutions, proposes fast dosing systems that can be washed with hot water and whose parts can be decontaminated in a furnace. Our machines are totally hygienic and ideal for applications in the food processing or chemical industries.

Rapidity, Precision, Efficiency… Explore our range of fast dosing systems for dry products.

MCPI solutions

Chamber dosers

Adjustable capacity volumetric dosing.

The chamber and flap system enables the preparation of two (or more) doses at the same time: one dose is delivered, the second is waiting for the next delivery.

The main advantage is that it reduces dosing time by two.

Multi-head gravimetric doser

Precision gravimetric dosing.

The advantages are dosing precision and guaranteed cycle time, thanks to the short stabilization time of the weighing scales.

Exclusive to MCPI!

Advantages of the chamber doser

Very high output (up to 90 strokes/minute)


Advantages of the multi-head gravimetric doser

High output (up to 60 strokes/minute)


Exclusive to MCPI

Chamber doser

Multi-head gravimetric doser

  • MVHc-XP


  • Reliable and robust (no wear parts)
  • Installation security
  • World exclusive extraction technology
  • Customized MMI with MCPI software
  • Hygienic design
  • Versatility and maximal adaptability
  • Preservation of the mixture: no separation
  • Maintenance-free operation

MMI developed by MCPI

  • 2 possible configurations
  • Updated continuously since its creation to achieve the best possible results.
  • 5.7″ screen
  • Home screen
  • Multi-dosing screen
  • Recipe screen
  • Data traceability
  • 12″ screen
  • Developed in 2020
  • Home screen
  • Multi-dosing screen
  • Recipe screen
  • Data traceability
  • Easy implementation
  • Operator assistance


Automatic refilling system
Hopper agitator
Lid on the storage hopper
MMI on separate box
12-inch screen
Data traceability
Automatic presentation of the container under the dosing head
Finish of surfaces in contact with the ingredient
  • 304 L: stainless steel 
  • 316 L: stainless steel 
  • Adapted to the ingredient: electropolished, mirror polished, Teflon-coated, etc.
Container presentation (carousel, conveyor, 2-axis table, robot)
Rejection of non-compliant doses
Remote trouble-shooting via router
Network communication exchange table
2-axis displacement tables
Suction of fine particles
Check of overall quantity in the machine
Storage hopper low level alarm
Integration on table chassis
Hygienic design (pharmaceutical standards)
Multi-head doser
Dosing cone adapted to the product
Closed dosing channel – covered
Protective hood
Up and down movement of the filling funnel
Control by foot pedal
Vibration of funnels

Our solutions

Chamber doser

Cereal dosing. Machine integrated in a production cell to add cereal doses into pots.


Addition of cereals to one part of the pot.

Multi-head gravimetric doser

Tea bag filling.

Multi-channel fast dosing system

Addition of pieces of surimi stick to salad trays

High-speed multi-head gravimetric dosing under nitrogen

(4 dosing heads for 2 application points).

Sachet filling with blueberry and strawberry powder.

High-speed dosing

Addition of pieces of chicken to trays of rice.