Sprinkling of powders or solids

Sprinkling means distributing powder evenly over the surface of a product.

Sprinkling means depositing a powder or solid, with homogeneous or heterogeneous distribution over a surface.

MCPI sprinklers enable powder or granule distribution over wide areas to achieve fine powdering or sprinkling to suit different types of applications.

Achieving perfect cover is possible with MCPI sprinkling systems: linear sprinklers, automatic sprinklers, industrial precision sprinklers, and fine powder sprinklers for industry.

Application of salt, flour, sugar, distribution of powder, or drenching operations with powder or granules.

All powder sprinkling solutions with MCPI Fine Dosing.

Sprinkling Linear powder sprinklers for powder, toppings

Sprinkling, Linear sprinklers for powders, toppings

MCPI solutions

Durable, reliable MCPI sprinklers are designed to distribute dry products, such as powders or granules, without altering their consistency.

Single-channel sprinkler

for powder drenching

Multi-channel sprinkler

for simultaneous dosing of several products via several extraction channels

MCPI advantages

Adaptability to ingredients
Defect-free covering effect
Reduced operating costs
Homogeneous distribution (uniformity/regularity)
Dosing precision and cleanliness
Easy cleaning
Flow control
Multiple ingredients

Sprinkling Linear powder sprinklers for powder, toppings

FD-Single-channel sprinkler

Design characteristics
  • Overall sprinkling width
  • Number of channels
  • Volume of the powder storage hopper
  • Flow control
  • Adjustment of diffuser height
  • Variable deposit shapes

FD-Multi-channel sprinkler

Design characteristics
  • Overall sprinkling width
  • Number of channels
  • Volume of the powder storage hopper
  • Flow control
  • Adjustment of diffuser height
  • Variable deposit shapes
MCPI hygienic design in compliance with EHEG rules
  • Smooth surfaces, with no roughness that might harbor organic materials
  • Easy access to all doser surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Complete emptying with no dead zones
  • Cleaning ergonomics: contact parts can be removed without tools and are easily accessed


  • Little maintenance required
  • Respect of the material (no deterioration)
  • Customized control screen
  • Robust
  • Simple flow rate variation: 1 to 100
  • Dosing of different ingredients with the same machine
  • Customized refilling and mobility solution
  • Capacity to sprinkle very difficult products
  • System with no wear parts
  • Ergonomics
  • Continuous or discontinuous operating modes
  • Scalable machine (width and number of channels)

MMI developed by MCPI

  • Multiple configurations
  • Dosing software developed by MCPI
  • Adapted to your application
  • Choice of screen size
  • Stroke counter, time delay, potentiometer
  • Optimized recipe management


Fixed or mobile
  • C carriage
  • extraction system on rails with mobile carriage
  • fixed chassis
Big-Bag emptying station
Automatic refilling of the hopper
  • pneumatic
  • overhead belt conveyor
Agitator with safety grid
12-inch screen / comfort
Up and down movement system
Suction of fine particles
Motorized adjustment of chassis height
Finishes of surfaces in contact with the ingredient
  • 304L: stainless steel
  • 316L: stainless steel
  • Adapted to the ingredient: electropolished, mirror polished, Teflon-coated
Motorized intermediary dosing drawer
Distribution flap for double line
Lid on the storage hopper
Diffuser at machine exit
Remote MMI box
Cycle management by detection

Our solutions

Our sprinklers are used for many applications with highly diverse and sometimes very complex products.

Small, single-channel sprinkler

Sprinkling of pine nuts and grapes over a flow of trays


Sprinkling of a disk of powder on a cream product

Large width sprinkler

Sprinkling of plastic particles to make patterns on plastic slabs

Continuous sprinkler

Dosing of almond chips on biscuits. Continuous flow.
18-channels dosing system, rate 75 strokes/min, width 1,000mm.

Sprinkler for icing sugar

Sprinkling of a highly volatile powder over lady fingers

Broad width and very high precision sprinkling

Sprinkling of aluminum powder

Width 1m. Motorized opening of the exit flap

Automation PLC and configuration memorization