To make one dose

Dosing an exact quantity of material in a limited time based on either weight (gravimetric) or volume (volumetric).

We propose industrial batch or loss-in-weight powder dosers and dry product filling solutions.

MCPI powder dosing solutions have greater dynamics and are more precise thanks to their high-precision weighing scales.

Find out more about the Fine dosing concept for the precision dosing of powders and solid materials.

MCPI solutions

 Gravimetric doser

The quantity of material taken from the hopper is controlled by a weighing scale.

This technique enables dosing precisions up to 0.01% of the target.

2 configurations:
Gravimetric batch doser:

The dose is obtained directly into your container placed on the weighing scales or via an intermediary weighing spoon.

Loss-in-weight gravimetric doser:

Weighing cells built into the dosing system continuously measure the quantity of material in the hopper – unit dosing (batch) or continuous (flow control).

 Volumetric doser

The amount of material taken from the hopper is adjusted by the dosing frequency and a timer or stroke counter.

This technique enables repeatability up to 1%.

2 configurations:
Time delay:

Dosing over a defined time (from 100ms)

Stroke counter: exclusive to MCPI…

The dosing process is controlled by the number of cycles (asymmetrical horizontal oscillations ) of the MCPI generator. This innovative system offers one of the best repeatability rates on the market

Advantages of gravimetric dosing


Controlled production time

Optimization of quality/productivity ratio

Production quality assurance

Advantages of volumetric dosing

Entry-level OR Basic model

Unrivaled repeatability

Ease of implementation

High-speed operation

Batch dosing

Loss-in-weight dosing


FD-SPA Classes A, 2A, 3A or 4A
FD-MPA Classes B, A, 2A or 3A
FD-XSPL Classes  A, 2A
FD-SPL Classes B, A, 2A
FD-MPL Classes B, A


  • Reliable and robust (no wear parts)
  • Versatility and maximum adaptability
  • Easy cleaning
  • Unique extraction technology
  • Customized design
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • No material alteration, no separation of mixtures
  • Hygienic design
  • Customized MMI with MCPI software
  • Data traceability
  • Installation safety

MMI developed by MCPI

  • 2 configurations
  • Software developed by MCPI.
  • Updated continuously since its creation to achieve the best possible results.
  • 5.7″ screen
  • Home screen/ multi-dosing
  • Dosing screen
  • Recipe screen
  • Data traceability
  • 12″ screen
  • Developed in 2020
  • Home screen
  • Multi-dosing screen
  • Recipe screen
  • Data traceability
  • Easy implementation
  • Operator assistance


Automatic refilling system
Hopper agitator
Lid on the storage hopper
MMI on separate box
12-inch screen
Data traceability
Automatic presentation of the container under the dosing head
Finish of surfaces in contact with the ingredient
  • 304 L: stainless steel 
  • 316 L: stainless steel 
  • Adapted to the ingredient: electropolished, mirror polished, Teflon-coated, etc.
Container presentation (carousel, conveyor, 2-axis table, robot)
Rejection of non-compliant doses
Remote trouble-shooting via router
Network communication exchange table
2-axis displacement tables
Suction of fine particles
Check of overall quantity in the machine
Storage hopper low level alarm
Integration on table chassis
Hygienic design (pharmaceutical standards)
Multi-head doser
Dosing cone adapted to the product
Closed dosing channel – covered
Protective hood
Up and down movement of the filling funnel
Control by foot pedal
Vibration of funnels

Our solutions

Volumetric dosing

Filling of press shoe with electrolytic powder.

Aerospace application.

Loss-in-weight doser

Cylinder filling with calcium chloride and graphite before pressing.

Energy industry application.

Batch doser

Filling of protective sheaths with metal powder to produce thermocouples.

Batch doser

Filling of syringes with powders used in biochemistry to make products to analyze the presence of bacteria.

Batch doser

Laboratory distributing spirulina in jars. Automated, clean and precise filling.

Batch doser

Food&Drinks company developing new beverage recipes.


Automatic production line for fireworks – 8g ±0.06g.

This positioning device for 25 or 50 containers offers autonomous dosing system operation. The rejection of inaccurate doses ensures a filling quality of 100%.

Gravimetric filling

of tubes with hazardous powders

Serial filling of 4 tubes.  The support tray is fixed to the weighing scales. A motorized system positions each tube under the dosing head. Dosing precision 10g ±0.05g.