Micro-dosing with very high precision

High precision micro-dosing enables dosing between 10mg and a few grams with the same doser.

The dosing precision achieved is up to ±0.5mg.

The system can be used with a broad range of products: all materials from the finest grain to the most difficult materials.

The high precision, hygienic design micro-dosing system for powders and granules offers many advantages in terms of precision, speed and flexibility.

MCPI precision micro-dosing systems are available in four classes of measurement precision . MCPI micro-dosing systems can be used alone or as part of a production line.

Our powder micro-dosers are particularly suitable for the pharma and food processing industries. MCPI gravimetric powder dosers can be washed with hot water, and the components can be decontaminated in an oven; rapid dismounting without tools.

MCPI SPA-4A Fine Dosing® micro-dosers are probably the fastest, most precise and reliable solutions on the market…

MCPI solutions

The doser comprises high resolution digital weighing scales, associated with MCPI’s innovative extraction technology.
Weighing scale resolution is 0.1mg.
The dosing cycle comprises three extraction flows (large, medium, fine)  to achieve high precision (up to ±0.5mg) and rapid dosing.

Doses are dispensed directly in your container
on the scale
2 possible configurations:
  • Integration on an automated line
  • Table machine
Doses are dispensed into a rotating container for
intermediary weighing
2 possible configurations:
  • Integration on an automated line
  • Table machine

Very high precision micro-dosing system

MCPI advantages

Rapid, reliable dosing
Repeatable, precision extraction technology
Very high dosing precision
Compact machine
Automatic micro-dosers – Class 4A – Weighing resolution 0.1mg.
Data traceability
Possibility of rejecting non-compliant doses
The same dosing system can be used for doses between a few milligrams and several grams.

Very high precision micro-dosing system


Design characteristics
  • Dose quantity
  • Precision required
  • Expected production rate
  • Powder characteristics
  • Level of automation required
  • Configuration selection
  • Protection of the powder from environment and user related interactions


MMI developed by MCPI

2 configurations

Updated continuously to achieve the best possible results

  • 5.7″ screen
  • Home screen
  • Multi-dosing screen
  • Recipe screen
  • Data traceability
  • 12″ screen
  • Developed in 2020
  • Home screen
  • Multi-dosing screen
  • Recipe screen
  • Data traceability
  • Easy implementation
  • Operator assistance


  • Process reliability over time
  • Working with complex powders is facilitated by circular hoppers
  • Installation safety
  • Adaptability of our solutions to your requirements
  • Data traceability
  • Very low maintenance
  • Maximal adaptability


Automatic feed system
Hopper agitator
Lid on the storage hopper
MMI on separate box
Protective hood
12-inch screen
Data traceability
Automatic presentation of the container under the dosing head
  • 304 L: stainless steel 
  • 316 L: stainless steel 
  • Adapted to the ingredient: electropolished, mirror polish, Teflon-coated, etc.
Container presentation (carousel, conveyor, 2-axis table, robot)
Rejection of non-compliant doses
Remote trouble-shooting via router
Network communication exchange table
2-axis displacement tables
Suction of fine particles
Check of overall quantity in the machine
Storage hopper low level alarm
Integration on table chassis
Hygienic design (pharmaceutical standards)
Multi-head dosing system
Dosing cone adapted to the product
Closed dosing corridor – covers
Protective hood
Emptying funnel up and down movement
Control by foot pedal
Vibration of funnels

Our solutions

Very high precision dosing

Tube filling (+/- 2mg) on automatic industrial lines.

Elimination of non-compliant doses and result traceability.

Dosing into a rotating container on a precision weighing scale

Dosing carried out in hidden time, while packaging is being positioned.

Very high precision 4-head dosing of explosive powder

Medical application

Direct dosing into the container on the weighing cell
Hygienic micro-dosing system designed to operate with a very wide range of powders

Improved extraction capacity – Dosing precision up to +/-1mg.

Format change and cleaning in just a few seconds

Class 4A: Weighing scales reading resolution 0.1mg

Very high precision dosing

With containment hood for fireworks application