About us

For 25 years, MCPI has been developing its know-how in the manufacture of indexers, part transfers and powder dosing solutions.
MCPI proposes customized solutions thanks to its complementary areas of expertise in technical design, mechanical engineering and machine assembly.
Our success is based on understanding the needs of our customers and carrying out projects according to their quality expectations and deadlines, and ensuring excellent value for money. This success is due to the expertise, reactivity and ingenuity of our staff, our test laboratory and the inspections carried out at the key stages of project development.
MCPI thus achieves simple and complex solutions, from concept to finished product, for customers in highly diverse industrial sectors.



Creation of MCPI , following Staubli’s decision to spin-off of its “indexing plates” activity


Development of new automation products: cam handlers, rotating rings, pneumatic unions


Creation of the dosing and sprinkling activities


Filing of the Fine dosing patent, based on an innovative extraction principle


Acquisition of the company by Michel Cavillon


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Your contacts



Sébastien LAFOUGE

General Manager



Business Manager



Technical Manager



Responsable Commercial


These will be your initial contacts, and they will stay in touch throughout your project.

Their technical knowledge means they will be able to provide a rapid response concerning the feasibility of your request.

Together with you, they will examine your needs, your project and your specifications to find the best possible dosing, indexing or transfer solutions…


Our process starts with the presentation and understanding of the customer’s needs, a 3D study of the installation and its adaptation to the factory environment, discussion of the study results with the customer, validation and, finally, manufacture. Furthermore, we carry out tests with the customer, either at the customer’s premises or at our own site, to be able to validate our techniques on the customer’s products and thus demonstrate the quality of our manufacture.

Joint definition of the strategic points of the specification

Search for and development of solutions

Validation of our solutions with the customer via an end of study review

Joint FAT to make sure that the machine meets the customer’s requirements

Assistance with installing the system in the customer’s premises

Rapid after-sales service

Quality policy

At MCPI, quality is an overall approach to serve customer satisfaction.

This approach begins with close attention to the needs expressed by our customers and the desire to propose the solution best suited to their specifications. Our expertise, based on our experience in different professional fields, is our best ally for designing innovative solutions to boost our customers’ performance.

Our machines are carefully put together at our French site from parts designed by our design & engineering service and manufactured by selected suppliers in France and Europe.

All MCPI resources share these values to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

The test station

The company laboratory has a pilot MCPI station, equipped with the main products of the transfer and dosing systems.

This test station is designed to fulfill the evaluation requirements of all industries. Our technicians will help you to meet new requirements and assist with the design of innovative solutions.

As part of a consultation to validate project feasibility, we perform a series of tests using your products. These are tested in our laboratory to determine which machine and which manufacturing parameters are right for your project.

Test equipment

1 volumetric doser

(depending on whether the weighing platforms are connected or not)

Large doses: several tens / hundreds of grams

10/20L hopper

1 gravimetric or loss-in-weight gravimetric doser

(depending on whether the weighing platforms are connected or not)

Large doses: tens/hundreds of grams

10/20L hopper

1 ultra-high precision loss-in-weight doser

from <1g/s to a few grams

1 sprinkler equipped with a conveyor belt

to transport the customers’ pots or the surface to be covered

1 ultra-high precision loss-in-weight doser

from <1g/s to a few grams

1 cone/hopper assembly

to achieve the best result with the MCPI machine/customer powder combination.

2 linear transfer benches
1 chamber doser

Transfer Systems tests

For MCPI automation products, our technical team calculates the exact dynamic and static torques to determine the most pertinent product.

Furthermore, before any delivery, each product is tested at actual operating conditions:

  • Speed
  • Load
  • Precision
  • Size measurements

Fine dosing tests

For MCPI Fine dosing products developed to meet specific micro-dosing and sprinkling requirements for powders and granular products, our engineers work on various issues:

  • Extraction of very fine, cohesive powders (such as talc, TiO2, starch, lactose, etc.) in spite of low dosing flows (sometimes less than 1mg/second)
  • Dosing of large, fragile particles (chocolate chips, pellets, etc.)
  • Dosing of abrasive balls and particles without causing mechanical wear (such as glass plates)

Design & engineering service

The design & engineering group includes mechanical and automation engineers who combine their expertise to design simple, effective solutions that are easy to maintain.

We use 3D computer tools to ensure reliability and validate our manufacturing studies. Test benches enable rapid validation of certain choices during the study phase.

We listen carefully to our customers to be able to propose solutions which suit their specific requirements and their production environment.

The assembly workshop

The MCPI assembly workshop comprises several areas devoted to the two activity sectors of MCPI:

  • a Transfer Systems workshop
  • an area for assembling dosing machines
  • a workshop for electrical equipment
  • a painting booth
  • a stock of spare parts for both manufacturing and after-sales service

Everyone who works in the workshop is versatile, and this expertise guarantees proactive, rapid and reliable service. Our rigor guarantees the performance and quality of our customers’ projects.

This configuration enables the rapid production of customized machines to suit each project.


Certification and quality

In compliance with our commitments and our “Quality and Service” charter, all MCPI Transfer Systems and Fine Dosing products are designed and manufactured in France. Our subcontractors have worked with MCPI for years; most of our suppliers are in France, particularly in the Haute Savoie region.

For applications in the European food processing industry, the materials used in our machines are certified EHEDG to guarantee hygienic equipment design and engineering.
The EHEDG certification guarantees that the equipment can be properly cleaned and complies with EHEDG hygienic design criteria within the conditions defined by the manufacturer (European directive 2006/42/EC).


Technical manual

A technical manual is provided to advise the customer on how to make the most of the machine.

This manual contains the operating instructions for the machine, as well as maintenance instructions, so that operators can use the machine without additional supervision.


To help your personnel to get to know the machine, our teams can provide mechanical and electrical training to suit your requirements before the project or during machine acceptance in our factory or at your site.

Machine maintenance

After delivery, the customer will be able to use the machine without further assistance.

However, MCPI’s teams will remain available! Customers can count on MCPI for long-term assistance and maintenance of your production equipment .