For the past 27 years, our design and engineering group has been designing dosing solutions and transfer systems suited to customers’ specifications; customized machines to suit your requirements and constraints.

The diversity of our MCPI’s customer base testifies to the quality of our products and the skills of our teams.

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The markets we serve

Food processing



Personal care


System to sprinkle icing sugar

15 March 2021

Indexer – The MCPI control card

9 March 2021

MCPI indexer on a production cell

9 March 2021

Specific topping

9 March 2021

Conveyors for the food processing industry

9 March 2021

Sprinkling in a round pattern

1 December 2020

Dose 14mg in a syringe

24 November 2020

Mix a continuous flow of sea salt into butter

24 November 2020

Make one small dose into a single flask

24 November 2020

Make one dose with a volatile powder

24 November 2020

High precision dosing for an R&D laboratory

13 November 2020

Dosing of powder for fireworks

29 May 2020

Very high precision gravimetric dosing into container

29 May 2020

Sprinkling of toppings

29 May 2020