Linear transfers

Our flat cam linear transfer systems are used in all types of industries to transfer parts and products.

The mechanical energy created by a truly ingenious cam technology enables the transported product to slide. This is a perfect solution for applications requiring respect of the product and preservation of its initial position.

The cam movement generator is ideal for transferring small or medium sized parts, powder, granules, and all other kinds of dry products. The linear transfer of powder and granules is considered to be a powder filling and refilling supply solution to feed and fill dosers and sieves. This powder feeder enables dosing of powder, pulverulents and granules.

The powder and granule transport system can be cleaned with a water spray


By rotating the motor, the cam system can drive the upper plate with a horizontal to-and-fro movement. The parts placed on the system are transported by a linear movement: they are moved forward during the first “phase”, then remain in place during the reverse movement (10-15 times faster). The parts are thus not subjected to any vertical or oblique force and slide along the moving surface.

The kinematics is controlled entirely by the mechanism’s cam movement law. The parts can be maintained in their entry position, without being jolted. The shear force generated by plate oscillation still enables the dispersion and movement of a bunch of products or powders deposited in bulk on the surface of the rail.


Respect of the product
Part sliding
Coupling capacity
Enables transfer of highly unstable parts
Enables long transfers with a single generator
Easy adjustment of speed
No vertical component
Max. travel speed up to 160 mm/sec



Number of kinematics available:


Travel speed:

25-75 mm/s

Motor capacity:

60-90  W



Max. mass of parts transported:


Max. mass moving tooling :

1.4-3.4kg depending on the cams


Number of kinematics available:


Travel speed:

30-170 mm/s

Motor capacity:

180  W



Max. mass of parts transported:


Max. mass moving tooling :

2.3-9.0kg depending on the cams


Standard adapted
  • Customized motor (synchronous, etc).
  • Stainless steel parts.
  • Customized machining of the plate.
  • Improved tightness.
  • Additional light indicators.
  • Specific unions.


Bowl exit transfer.

Part inspection

Transfer with accumulation

Bulk material conveyor

Food conveyor

Waste extraction (e.g. press exit, shavings , etc.)

Part transfer systems and conveyors

Horizontal oscillation transfers

 (principle of to-and-fro movement with rapid return –   MCPI patent)