MCPI Indexers – Indexing tables using flat cams

Supported by solid experience in cam applications, MCPI can assist you with your transfer, assembly, packaging, inspection and marking projects.

An MCPI indexer offers proven, robust technology that is easily integrated. Our systems are designed and manufactured in France, in our own facility, to guarantee product quality and local service.

MCPI indexing tables are able to provide rapid, precise, intermittent rotating transfers. These cam tables offer reliable solutions to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Indexing technology using flat cams - Indexers

MCPI indexing mechanisms using flat cams are based on the principle of cam kinematic movements. This technology enables intermittent rotating transfers according to the strictest requirements in terms of rapidity and stopping precision. This technology guarantees smooth, gradual movement, regardless of the load or transfer speed.

MCPI indexing tables are delivered with the motor, end of cycle cam, detection sensor, long-lasting lubrication, pin holes in the housing, mobile plate, as well as optional modules.

The cam technology enables alternation between two distinct phases:

  • one rotation phase
  • one stop phase.

The movement phase is jolt-free, enabling high speed operation. The stop phase allows the operation to be carried out (assembly, packaging, inspection, marking, press-fitting, etc.).

MCPI advantages


MCPI M range

Lightweight or conveyor applications

M 10

Max. load: 30kg

Max. torque: 20Nm

Max. inertia: 2kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 500mm

Download the technical datasheet

M 15

Max. load: 50kg

Max. torque: 30Nm

Max. inertia: 3kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 600mm

Download the technical datasheet

M 50

Max. load: 300kg

Max. torque: 250Nm

Max. inertia: 100kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 1.400mm

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MCPI T range

Better support and through hole

T 25

Max. load: 100kg

Max. torque: 50Nm

Max. inertia: 8kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 800mm

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T 35

Max load: 250kg

Max. torque: 100Nm

Max. inertia: 40kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 1.200mm

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T 50

Max. load: 500kg

Max. torque: 300Nm

Max. inertia: 250kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 2.000mm

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T 55

Max. load: 1,000kg

Max. torque: 500Nm

Max. inertia: 800kgm²

Max. disk Ø: 3.000mm

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SP motor position

Indexer options

Control card
  • Flexible control of the indexing motion.
  • Improved performance (shorter transfer times).
  • Lower maintenance costs (no brake wear).
  • Secures indexers motions (no more damage due to emergency stops).
  • Simpler integration of indexer (a single electric contact point for control of the complete cycle).
Fixed center
  • Enables the installation of tooling.
  • Integration of a fixed central plate.
  • Possibility of working from the center outwards.
  • Improved machine ergonomics.
  • Passage of fluids and supply cables of the components on the fixed plate.
Motor position
  • Exclusive to MCPI.
  • Direct drive or wheel and endless screw operation.
  • Easy integration.
  • Adapts to your mechanical constraints.
Rotary joint
  • Transfer of fluids during rotation.
  • Supply of fluids to different workstations: compressed air, vacuum, water.
  • Supply of energy to different workstations: signal, power, data.
  • Compact turnkey solution.
Customized solution
  • Developed by MCPI engineering team .
  • Solution adapted to your requirements.
  • Synchronous motors, special and unique cam angles and parts machining.
  • Food processing applications: special oil, stainless steel parts, etc.
Mechanical torque limiter
  • Protection against possible jamming accidents.
  • Protects operators and internal mechanics against mechanical blockages.
  • Compact solution.
  • Available on 90° angle gearboxes.

Indexing applications

Our indexing tables using flat cams can fulfill a wide range of industrial requirements for applications in various sectors: automotive, aerospace, food processing, personal care, pharma, etc.

MCPI Transfer Systems work with you on your projects:

Assembly projects
Packaging projects
Marking projects
High-speed parts inspection projects
Step conveyor drive projects