MCPI mechanisms are an ideal solution to equip high-speed automation, inspection and assembly machines, where production rates often attain several million cycles per year.

Indexing tables, rotating table, indexers using flat cams, indexers, etc.

MCPI is the ideal partner to bring your automation projects to life.

The advantages of MCPI Transfer systems
Repeatability of indexed stop position
Rapid, gradual movement
Please provide the following details to enable us to provide a suitable proposal meeting your automation project requirements:

What type of application is it? (Part assembly, marking, packaging, etc.)

How many indexing positions?

Dimensions and mass of the on-board rotating loads?

Time available to move by one position ?

Characteristics of the motor control (electric or mechanical braking, safety devices, etc.)
MCPI answers your requirements for motion control, transfers of parts or components thanks to a complete range of automation products and 27 years of experience in cam systems s.
Our expertise in the design, calculation and production of movement enables us to propose a range of accurate, robust equipment, simple to use.
MCPI automation systems are manufactured in France, in the most rigourous commitment to our values: quality, performance, price and lead time according to our commitments: quality, performance, price and service.
MCPI requirements
For every application, specific engineering calculations related to inertia, power and static/dynamic torque are carried out to define the most suitable product to your application. .
Before shipping, every product is tested under the specific operating conditions of the customer (in particular speed, load, efforts).
We also help you with the mechanical, electrical and safety aspects of integrating our solutions into your machines.
Finding the perfect match between your needs and our products is part of an overall approach to ensure satisfaction for our customers.