Do you need to sprinkle spices?

Fill syringes?

Have explosive products to handle?

Have a dosing system to install on an existing line?

Toppings to apply?

Powder transfers

Linear sprinklers

Multi-channel dosers


Dosing inspection

MCPI has solid experience in customized integration. We integrate our dosers on all kinds of machines, in new or existing lines, with all the performance and operating cost advantages that MCPI is known for.

Our engineers are involved in the project from the design stage to advise on project feasibility and the most suitable technical solution.

What kind of DOSING SOLUTION are you looking for?

Produce doses or dose a continuous flow

Product type: density, particle size

Dose to be measured: e.g. 4 to 20g

Precision required

Number of doses to be produced in high speed production mode

Packaging used

Environment: Atex, temperature, humidity, etc.

Which machine configuration is most suitable?


Manual table dosing or in-line dosing or automatic dosing installation

One or more dosing heads

Dosing heads with 1 or 2 channels

I need to dose powders or solids

To suit most applications, all MCPI dosers offer the advantages of MCPI’s Fine dosing® technology, i.e.:

Able to dose very different and difficult powders

Friction-free operation (does not alter the product material)

Unrivaled dosing precision

No granulometric segregation

Food safety

Easy cleaning

Personnel safety (movement of mobile parts <2mm)

Reliable, robust technology (no wear parts)

All MCPI Fine dosing® solutions are based on a unique extraction principle (asymmetrical horizontal oscillations).

Based on this technology, which is used in all our dosing solutions, we propose:

Gravimetric dosers

Volumetric dosers

Dosing in batch mode or producing a series of doses:

Continuous mode dosing, to add a constant mass flow

Including a mass measurement sensor

Operation without mass measurement

Addition of a predetermined quantity, for container filling, for example

For example, addition of 10kg/hr additives in a reactor

I need to dose powders or solids