Do you have a new idea?

When starting a new project, the goal is obviously to make a success of the development, and this requires anticipation at the design stage.

A new technical challenge?

To maximize your chances of success when starting a new project, MCPI will listen carefully to your requirements and problems so that, together, we can define the specifications for your project.

Project definition and validation

Consideration of customer requirements

Project feasibility (test, powder tests, etc.)

Guidance with technical choices

Collaboration to write the specifications


Identify the strategic points of the specifications

Validate our solutions with an end of studies review

Assembly and testing in our workshop

We have you assess the machine during a factory acceptance test


Dispatch and commissioning of the machine in your manufacturing environment

Training to ensure efficient machine integration

Drafting of technical manuals

After-sales service

We have learned from experience that each project is unique: each customer has their own operating environment and their own technical constraints.
Our teams know the challenges of a new project and will help you through the process, sharing their skills and expertise.
The advantages we offer are based on the effective resources at our disposal, innovation, conscientiousness, experience, capacity to listen and customer satisfaction.
Choosing to work with MCPI for your Transfer systems or Fine dosing solutions, its enjoying the benefits of working with a motivated, efficient and flexible team.
It’s also benefiting from the adaptability of a dynamic SME driven by the same quality standards as a large corporation.